Thursday, December 07, 2006

You know Hoodwinked.....?

Today, my 4.30pm Animal Behavior class was cancelled. Yeah… Err… Um… not used to it because too free already. Hehe so my brother and I decided to watch DVD in our house. Although I am going to turn 21 years old in 2 months time but still can’t hide my childishness, so my brother forced to watch cartoon with me.

What cartoon is that?

Happy feet?

Flashed away?

No no…..

And it is….



It is a cartoon played during 2005. It is plainly about the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but then it is so hilarious, it is totally different from the original story. As usual the Red arrived at her grandma house with a basket of goodies only to find the wolf in Granny’s bed and disguised in her clothing. As the wolf jumped up to attack Red, a tied up Granny jumped out of the closet and the axe man came barging in to save the day.

When the police arrived on the scene, the line of questioning moves to information related to a mysterious string of goodie and recipe thefts that have been occurring all over the woods. It is involved 4 suspects in this movie, the gal herself, the grandma, the wolf and the axe man. The charges are many: breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, intent to eat, and wielding an axe without a license. So the frog investigator, Mr. Flipper is going to investigate and find out the truth. As he questions each of the suspects, the events are shown in a whole new light, and a larger picture unfolds.

Then I accidentally SLEPT OFF due to the tiredness of my day…. :p

Don’t misunderstand, it is not a boring movie, just I am too sleepy. Want to know more about the movie? Go and but the DVD and watch it or just let me finish the movie first then I tell you *bluek*.

Red - As usual look like the original story.

Modern Sport Grandma - Totally difference from the original. I love her.

Innocent Wolf - He looks like hamsap wolf than a reportor :)

Axe man - No comment, kinda stupid and dumb dumb in the movie.

Mr. Flipper - The frog investigator, siao siao one...

Deer Deer - The funniest character in this movie, like to sing song while talking, I muakzz you, i really crazy about this deer deer.. :)

Poster of the Hoodwinked

p/s: I hope you enjoy the movie and have a nice day…. :)


L B said...

still flashing away?....

hey, I enjoy cartoons too, although these days, they call it animated features... Liao, I just spent €17.90 on Cars DVD last weekend!

may said...

never too old for cartoons lah! I'm still watching them. cartoon network. animated features. we all still have a young heart, right? :)

sengkor said...

sei for, never heard before this cartoon tim. how can?? *smack head*

Sin Ling said...

lb - oh, i love the cartoon too, cars also can fall in love with each other... geng, this cartoon is recommended..

may - my bf cannot tahan that i am still watching cartoon at this age :) wat to do, we are still young right? *high 5*

sengkor - me too until yesterday i only know about this cartoon. sweat... somemore is my brother introduce one.. hehe we same same species.. :p

Chen said...

i'm wondering..
what is that "Animal Behavior Class" u r attending? :P
what course u take ah?

I seldom watch cartoon :)
My favourite cartoon character is still Donald Duck

Sin Ling said...

Hi chen, currently i am studying biotechnology and we need to study animal behaviour class because we need to observe the behaviour of animal in indoor and outdoor. So next time if we "do" something on the animal then we can see the effect of it. Hehe.

cartoon can made ppl happy, so u become the daisy for ur hubby la? hehe :p