Sunday, December 31, 2006

ByeBye Year 2006…..

One day more or should I say few hours more, we should be prepared and get ready to countdown for the New Year 2007. Year 2006, consider a very tough year for me. Studies, relationship and friendship are up and down, and I am very thankful that my beloved family, and close friends kept me accompanied throughout the whole year 2006, lifted me up when I fall, shared my happiness and sadness Without them, I might just mentally breakdown and cry it out loud *sob sob*.

Every year, my mom and I will definitely go to the temple and pray in order to wish for a better and smooth year ahead. Although I prayed, but I know there will be some challenges are still waiting me, in order for me to grow up, be mature and improve my management skills and etc *determined*. So I have to be brave to solve it and handle it positively. I know all those challenges will definitely bring us some hints and lead us to a better life later on. Sin Ling, stand up and be brave to all those problems, I am very sure that I can handle it very well :) *gambateh*.

I am a girl who like to celebrate all those festivals included Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and etc. So absolutely there will be some activities carried on during this weekend in turn to say goodbye to year 2006 and welcome a better year 2007 *hurray*.

29/12/2006 (Friday)

My housemate, my bf and I went for a midnight movie (Eragon) at Central Square, sp, 11.15pm. It is a very nice and emotional movie, and I cried in the cinema *so embarrassing* when the uncle die. I just can’t stop my tear from rolling down.

But I am still thinking of all those main character in those big movies are so useless and hopeless like Eragon, Lord of the rings and etc *hehe no offense*. Actually all those heroes are the knights who always protected the main character from harm and injury. So, the main character is just another idiot. But it is still a nice movie, why don’t you give a try? Want to see the trailer? Just click here

Eragon Poster, the uncle die (third from the left), i cried and the actress very pretty (Arya).

30/12/2006 (Saturday)

Today I woke up late again and I had two hotdogs and a cup of Milo for lunch. I am not kept fits and no such word ‘keep fit’ in my dictionary. After that, we went for a badminton game from 5pm – 8pm, a last badminton game for year 2006. We have a lot of fun, healthy, made a lot jokes, tried to kill the opponent during the games, photo section and definitely gossip chit chat. After the game, we totally exhausted and hungry, so we went for a mamak stall and I order my favourite bihun tom yam *yum yum*…

The photo section during the badminton game, from left sin ling (Tomato face), goh and yen chiew :)

My favourite Dish - Bihun TOM YAM *yum yum*

After the dinner, we straight went to the Billion Shopping mall to buy the junk foods and alcoholic drink for the Saturday night fever. I bought a bottle of pink vodka for RM7.95 and it contained 5% of alcohol. OK, at first I just want to buy Shandy because I am not really a good wine drinker but I was being warned by my housemate, yen chiew because Shandy is just for kids not for adults *darn*, so I have no options. I don’t want to drink Carlsberg and etc because it has a bitter smell so yen chiew recommended me the pink vodka.

Don't know which one to choose, orange (RM 6.95) or pink vodka (Rm7.95) *grin*

Carlsberg, pink vodka and red wine in the ice box, no fridge la... :p

Junk Food of the day, it cost me RM3.00 for each person *darn*

My blue bear bear cup, nice or not *wink wink*

The wine drinking section began...

My Pink vodka, pink pink pinky... :)

I still can remember very clearly that when I was young, I went to Australia and have wine testing and I slept the whole journey. Yesterday night, we have a movie marathon while drinking my beloved vodka, I like it, it like a fruit juice and I am in heaven ~~~. My face was hot, red, and feel like sleeping. In order to prove that I am not drunk, I went to a very famous nasi lemak stall and I ate 3 nasi lemak in one shot, I am the champion of my house ~~~~. Came back at 3am and straightaway on my bed *Zzzzzz*…

Today woke up at 12.45pm, no muscle ache and etc, so tonight I am going to wear nicely and go countdown for New Year 2007. I hope you have a nice day too *muakz muakz and hugz hugz*… :)

Happy New Year 2007 to you all and Bubye Year 2006.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oi Ka Ch’ng Fever…..

Good day to everyone, um or should I said bad day due to the inconvenience of the internet? Yesterday early morning, I called our ‘blardy best’ broadband in Malaysia, tmnet, they said the earthquake in Taiwan has damaged submarine cables that form part of the region-wide Asia Pacific Cable Network 2, disrupting voice and Internet communications over much of Asia, so they cannot do anything at this moment and they have no idea how long will this problem last.


So the only thing that we can do is…

Be patient *grow some mushrooms* and watch…

My tiger oi ka ch’ng, look familiar or not?

a^ben oi ka ch’ng fever… :p

Sorry a^ben... :p

Have a nice day and be patient… :)

Let’s pray for the earthquake Taiwan’s victims and Malaysia’s internet users… *hold a second of silent*

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Kiss-Mas

23/12/2006 (Saturday)

Nothing much happened on the Saturday after an exciting night on Friday. That day, I woke up very late, nearly 2pm. Ok ok I know I am a piggy *grin*. After that, my bf, housemate and I went for a quick lunch at some kampung area. Surprisingly, the food is cheap and delicious *yum yum*, followed by 3 hours badminton games.

I was totally exhausted because I didn’t get to play badminton since 17 years old. You know when people tend to grow up, we will go for relaxation like shopping, spa and etc. than sports, so I would like to brush up my badminton skills *determined* with my fellow friends. After the game, we went for a dinner, get to meet my housemate’s family which is also my bf’s foster family.

24/12/2006 (Sunday)

That day, I woke up late again due to the muscle ache *Ouch*, what to do, long time didn’t play badminton already (sendiri cari pasal). Simultaneously, my housemate’s aunty was moving into her new house and she lacked of man power, so my bf and I decided to help her moved some her furniture.

At 5pm, my bf and I decided to go Penang to have our Christmas Eve celebration and countdown *happy happy* with my classmates. My classmates went for a movie but my bf and I couldn’t make it, so we went for a roadside cheap western food stall. Although, the place do not have romantic candle light, no love songs, no nice tables and chairs, but the food is tasty, at least we can afford it and I really enjoy about it.

After dinner, we went to gurney plaza, have window shopping, and I saw my favourite toy in ‘Memory lane’ shop, my baby Ivan. I wanted it so badly, the toy is limited edition, and it is very difficult to hunt for it. It is very expensive, so we didn’t buy it and I feel so miserable *sob sob*.

From left: Samm, Patrick and my baby Ivan, Muakz... :)

My bf knew that I am very upset so he bought me a red rose in order to cheered me up. OMG, that day is the first time I got a rose from him. Honestly, I didn’t get a single rose from him before that why I am so blardy excited *touched*.

A red rose from him, first time in my life...

While waiting for my friends, we ate Mcd ice cream, my favourite cone vanilla sundae and French fries. We went for the hawker food with my friends to eat again, Ikan Bakar, Cha Kuey Teow, Tao Fu Fa, Soya Bean and etc. That is my supper. I think I gained weight *big Burp…. *. Hehe.. Excuse me, Can't help it.

We went for Christmas countdown with friends at gurney plaza, and I being sprayed a lot by my friends, end up my shirt and skirt are smelly and dirty. We sprayed each other, watched firework, and enjoyed the every single moment there. We have a lot of fun and reached home safely at 3pm. All I want to say is “thank you to my bf and friends, I really have a tremendous day with you all, thank for giving me your precious time, a very big muakz for you all”.

Fellow friends, I hope you have a memorable Christmas too, may all your wishes come true *a super duper big hugz for you*

Merry kiss-mas…

Sin ling :)

Monday, December 25, 2006


Fellow friends, I just found this funny flash, just click on the flowers and you will see something happen with the duck...

I hope you all have a real friend, or enjoy being other's real friend...

Have fun... :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The most wonderful day since 1st of December 2006…

Hallo, great day to everyone! Recently, I didn’t get to update everyday because I was ill and unwell, have a serious flu, nose blocked and now feeling better. I told myself that I have to get well before the Christmas Eve and I did it.

Today, my mom gave me a morning call; I almost forget that today is “Guo Tong” Festival and she reminded me. I couldn’t make a trip back to Penang, so sad, still remained in sp. I couldn’t eat my favourite “tong yun” and I miss it. When I was young, my mom told me that one “tong yun” indicated that I am one year older. But I don’t care already, so I ate almost 50 to 60 tong yun for every year. So I should be 55x20 = 1100 years old. I am a witch *muahaha evil laugh*… :p

Moreover, my classes for this semester have officially ended, so no more classes for next week *yeah*, but have final exam in 2 more weeks *Big Diu*. Almost everyone went back to their hometown to have their Christmas and new year celebration. My brother went back to Ipoh too *sob sob* and he will be back on 2nd of January 2007 and I will be prepared for my studies in sp. In the mean while, some celebrations will be still carried on, need to relax also right? Agree?

Before that, we have Christmas gift exchange among the housemates. As a student, we do not have much cash in our hand, our parents do not give us extra money, because they do not want us to overspend. We didn’t go clubbing, pub, club, didn’t drink and smoke, we only go for mamak, Tesco and window shopping. We will only spend for those necessary stuffs. So, I decided to get some expensive junk foods for my housemates *officially broke*.

I gave my brother 2 packages of “mister potatoes” and my toilet mate, yen chiew a huge Pringles. My bf definitely will have more presents from me which are voodoo doll (hopefully can bring him some lucks in his studies), one package of “Lays” potato chip (darn expensive) and 1 can of vanilla coke (his favourite).

Besides that, my brother gave me a huge Pringles, and yen chiew gave me two bars of nestle milky bar *yum yum*. Thank you my fellow housemates. However, I get myself a snowman bear bear, a voodoo doll and 3 fantastic stars to decorate my room *yeah*. Now my room definitely looked better and nicer. It is still a mystery, I wonder what my bf will give me as a Christmas present, his heart? Who knows… *wink wink*

You can click the photo and enlarge...

I am a girl who treat everyone equally, so I would like to give you all a Christmas present too, proudly present *drumroll*…..

Today, since everyone are in a good mood, so we decided to have our dinner at one famous café in sp, named seventeen *cacat name*. What to do, not much choices in sp. Another reason is we have the coupons for free drink, free ice blended drink in this cafe. Hehe, Free Of Charge woh… :)

Kinda fark up, because we didn’t get to use this coupons due to some small potato singer (Christopher Lay or 黎升铭) came to perform in this café @#$%^&*!@#, cursed him to the max. Somemore, we sat at the first table and started wondering how to escape after our dinner.

When he came, he just looked like another sissy to me and not really a good looking guy, totally not interested in him. But when he opened his mouth, his song touched my heart, his eyes contact made me melt, his smile sent me to magical wonderland and his actions send me to heaven. He successfully captured my attention towards him *OMG, I am so darn FAK HIAO on the spot*.

The waitress came and sold his CD for RM25, consider cheap, because the normal price is RM37.90. Too bad, I am a student, no money for expensive CD, so I decided to come and download from the internet, yes I did it again.. hehe :) pirated rocks…

New album for Christopher Lay (made in Malaysia)... :)

We leave the café at 10.40pm, darn it, couldn’t get a signature from him because we don’t have his poster and CD. I miss the opportunity. Fine, we went for a midnight show which is Night At The Museum. It is a nice movie, I laught my ass off in the cinema and the cinema was almost fully occupied. I strongly recommended you guys to watch this movie. It is hilarious, funny, bodoh, insane and entertaining, it can change your mood from bad to happy. Why don’t you give a try?

Want to see the trailer? Click here

Some photos are available just in case you can’t load the trailer…

Ben Stiller - my favourite actor is being chased by a Dinosaur.

Robbin William - He can play very well in the comedy movie too..

Carla Gugino - Don't know much about her, but she look nice and friendly to me in this movie.

Jake Cherry - this boy really can acts well, got potential to become a big star, i support you boy.

Mizuo Peck - I love this girl, she didn't talk much in this movie but have a happy ending... :)

Rami Malek - Although he is not the main actor but i like him because he looks handsome to me, muakz... :p

Finally, this is the poster of the "night at the museum" movie

Countdown for Christmas celebration = 3 more days, want to eat Turkey or KFC?

Enjoy your weekend and for those who need to drive back to your hometown, please drive carefully and "no drink and drive"…

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wish to have a lucky Wednesday......

Tomorrow is Wednesday, my class is going to start from 9.30am until 5.30pm, another long and taxing day. My lecturers need to finish all those syllabuses before Christmas holiday and study week. Moreover, my final semester exam is coming soon, 3 weeks from now, which is 8/1/2006 until 24/1/2006. I couldn’t afford to fail it, because it might pull down my CGPA and I don’t want to disappoint my mom and family also :'(

The highlight for tomorrow is, my lecturers are going to distribute another 3 midterm papers. 3 papers in one shot, if my heart cannot support, I definitely will have heart attack on the spot. *sob sob* At this moment, I am very happy with my previous paper which is Applied Microbiology and Fermentation Technology, because I successfully scored 37.5 out of 40, but the lecturers still warned us that it won’t be so easy for the final. Wahlaueh, midterm also feel so difficult already, somemore harder for final, go to die la… Guys, I need luck for tomorrow and final paper, pray for me ok? :)

Besides that, I was being super duper lazy for the last weekend, I nearly being influenced by my brother *put the blame on my brother first* . I am slightly addicted to DOTA game *sendiri cari pasal*. It is so interesting and required a lot of techniques in order to be pro in the game. I don’t have the techniques and skills to play DOTA, so I play bunny maze, Christmas maze, hungry dogs, poke poke orge and etc, I won 2 games, only 2 games, very proud already u know *self praise = no praise*, I am just a beginner, definitely being curse badly in the game because don’t know how to play, but I enjoyed about it…

During weekend, even found out that the latest game *memang sendiri cari pasal*, DINER DASH 3, should be released 1 or 2 weeks ago. This game is all about Flo (very good and dedicated waitress), after she builds a dining empire from scratch and saving five restaurants from the wrecking ball (DINER DASH 2), Flo trades in her apron for a passport to paradise. But when Flo's suitcase suddenly spills into the water, she must rely on her table-serving talents to get her vacation (and her lost wardrobe) back on track and the games begin…..

This is Flo, the best waitress in the game world, and I guarantee that it will never exist in the real life, man.

Screen shot of the DINER DASH game, you can see some smoke come out from the customers, and this indicates that they are angry, stupid...

Countdown for Christmas celebration = 5 more days, can’t wait already…. :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My angel mummy.....

This post is to dedicate to my beloved Angel and Kenneth, 2nd year anniversaries. Angel is my ex college lecturer and foster mummy. Eventually Kenneth becomes my foster daddy. They have adopted 2 kids, Sin Ling and Shankar. Shankar is my best buddy and good brother since college. Congratulation to mummy and daddy, miss them very much, didn’t get to see them for almost 4 months already.

Mummy and daddy before married... :)

Year 2004, angel is research officer in Penang Botanic Garden and my ex college biology lecturer, she was very strict, nice and a very dedicated lecturer. Almost everyone scored very well in her paper. We like her very much, we have presentation, field trip to penang botanic garden, extra class, prom night, floral festival and etc. We nearly lost her as our lecturer during the mid of year 2004 due to her packed schedules in her full time job. We kept on sending emails, cards and try our best to persuade her to withdraw her decision. We have a tough time, but at the end of day, she stays… *touched*

After my final exam, Shankar and I decided to work as a volunteer in Penang Botanic Garden and Angel looked after us. We have a lot of field trips, funny chats, shopping, breakfasts, lunches, tea times, gossips, being accused, up and down, and lot of sweet memories. She pampered us very much, because we hardworking and can click very well with her *blink blink*. At the end of the year, we helped her to decorate her new house, buy furniture, clean house, cooking and etc. We even overnight at her new house a couple of times already. We have a very fun and tired night, we took the mattress and slept together in the living room, and she couldn’t sleep and observed us, she found out that Shankar used the bed sheet as a blanket because we on the air condition and I stole shankar’s blanket and suddenly smile pula.. *malu malu* hehe :)

How’s Angel become our mummy? One day, shankar and I were arguing on who is going to use the toilet first, she angry already and she arranged for us, I used her toilet and shankar used the common toilet. I win yeah… *hero of the day* At night, she brought us to eat wan tan mee. Shankar and I said that she started to behave like our mother, even since she is our mummy…

Wan tan meeing with my new mummy and blackie brother :)

After her new house renovation, she is getting married. I couldn’t attend her wedding because my grandpa passed away. I was very sad but I know she is the queen of the day, and I only can bless her quietly in my heart…

The king and queen of the day, Angel and Kenneth, snow white and prince charming..

March 2005, I have to go, I have to go university, and my new intake is in march. They quietly planned a farewell party for me, and she brought me to the penang most beautiful waterfall which I always wanted to go. Half of my friends came, and I silently shed my tears, we have a lot of photo sections, I miss them and I miss her. I realized that working with her and a bunch of guys was really great and interesting. I cannot afford to loss them, off course Angel too.

My garden family picture, from left mummy, me, brother, grandpa..

Farewell organizer, brother and mei how (my wife) *wink wink*

My last day, punch card :'(

When I have holidays, I will definitely meet her up. We even have a Christmas shopping and I accompanied her to buy her 1st year anniversary present. She did some chocolate cookies for me *sob sob so nice*. Until now, we still contact each other. There are too many memories, and I didn’t list it out. If I would list it out, I think I need ages to list it out…

All I can say is: “mummy, happy 2nd year anniversary, merry christmas and miss you…”

Saturday, December 16, 2006


There he goes, given a lot space to him, end up I am alone again in the house.

I miss our memories. One and half years ago, he took an umbrella and walk to my hostel while raining, we walked together to the bus station and wait for university bus.

After few months, we changed to non hostelite, he everyday fetched me to class by his motor and I hugged him.

After few more months, he has his current car and I brought my own car, started to fetch his course mates and I stated to carpool with my brother. No more hugging…

Today, no more hugging, no more goodbye, standing behind his car and see his car getting far away from me, standing alone with my umbrella in the rain, speechless…

Time pass by, we have change, no more hugging, no more cheek kissing, no more dating, no more…


Every night I wish upon the sky and stars. When I thought that everything is in my hand, and it just dropped from the top to the bottom…

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Can you.....?

Hi everyone, can you do me a favour and help me to fulfill my wish?

Just click here and say whatever you want….

Then you can see the different, try and see… :)


You are so near yet so far :'( …..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Want to buy sanitary pad from me…..?

In this blardy university, we required to take three English papers, English for general purpose, English for specific purpose and lastly English for professional purpose, so fed up, tulan, miserable, until now still cannot find out the exact reason why we still need to take so many paper for English. Don’t care already @#$%^&*!@...

Currently, I am taking the last English paper, English for professional purpose. So our last assignment for this English paper is “Product Presentation”. My partner and I decided to present……

Sanitary Pad…. No No No ….

My new product - washable cloth menstrual pads.

Want to know more about woman, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), Christmas present?

Read more about Sanitary Pads…. :)

Have a nice day…

p/s: Today went to tesco and bought 4 hotdogs with RM 2.79, so blardy cheap and I finished two already :p

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Evolution of ... (1)

Today early morning at 9.30am, I have animal behaviour class about evolution. My lecturer almost made everyone dozed off in the morning.

He started with his long theory: ‘evolution is a change in the heritable traits of a population over successive generations. This is determined by variation in the units of heredity and the reproductive success of any variation and bla bla bla….. *yawn yawn*

Ish ish ish (sakit hati), the class was so boring and this is what my brother and I did during the lecture time…

Presenting *drumroll please*


Evolution of chicken created by sin ling and jermyn brother.

Nice or not? Would you like to have one?

Monday, December 11, 2006

I am the director for my weekend.....

Good morning to everyone, *yawn yawn* I have a very happening weekend so far, up and down mixing emotional. Want to listen to my story?

Saturday (9/12/2006)

My god brother and I went to PC fair in centre square, sp. OMFG, it is the lousiest PC fair that I have even seen in my life (cross my finger). There are only a few shops displayed their products, there are no pretty girls, handsome guys and free mouse pad too. Um, what a disappointment.

There is only 2 shops displayed digital camera, one is canon, and another one is Teica, some china brand less company. Obviously, canon will be too expensive for me and as a student I don’t think I can afford it, partly stingy also :p . Then I found the Teica brand ‘5 in 1’ digital camera. Woh la la… it included webcam, voice recorder, video, digital camera, mp3 and mp4, it only RM559 and it left 4 stocks only.

Aiyoyo so seducing la, the salesman let me hold the camera and played with it. I almost fainted, too happy already. I can’t find a picture to show you because you know, china brand ma, you know their ability is to copy people’s model and modify.

Back to the story, so I decided to make a call to my brother and told him about this cheap multifunction digital camera:

Me: Hallo.
Brother: Hallo.
Me: (manja manja) kor kor, I want to buy digital camera, very cheap you know, it only rm559 and…
Brother: Don’t buy the digital camera now.
Me: (still manja) But kor, it is 5 in1 digital cameras, and got webcam….
Brother: Don’t buy anything now.
Me: (manja is not going to work) But kor, it is 12 mega pixels and….
Brother: No matter what, don’t buy yet ok?
Me: oh (very tulan already but didn’t show it out), so tomorrow you come and visit me right?
Brother: Yes, so tomorrow I tell you why I don’t you to buy the digital camera now ok?
Me: ok, bubye T_T

End up I was nudging my god brother for the whole night, very tulan and he accompanied me to walk around and treat me a ‘chips more’ biscuit. Hehe :)

Sunday (10/12/2006)

My family came around 6.30pm to have dinner with me. Aiseh, very happy, totally forget about digital camera. My mother bought me some guava and apples. Woo, I love apple and I look like apple too *Blink Blink*. We ordered shark fins soap (yummy), steam fish, nestum prawn, vegetable and tau fu. It has been 2 months I didn’t get to eat such delicious food already, we chat and keep each other update.


Brother: ling, you know why I don’t want to buy u a digital camera?
Me: Don’t know la, you asked me don’t buy then I won’t buy lo (showing sad face) :(
Brother: Because we don’t want to over pamper you.
Me: (thunderstorm, lighting flash by), don’t la, kor, very difficult to work without a camera.
Brother: you have a camera phone what.
Me: my camera phone is so lousy, no infrared, no Bluetooth, cable cannot transfer, camera not clear some more. Remember you bought for me last time?
Brother: next time ok?
Me: ok (force to say like this)…. T_T

My motorola handphone with my little doggie, is the lastest version of motorola handphone a few years ago, darn proud that time but now.....

After finished my dinner, they sent me home, spent some little quality times in my room, chit chat, and they gave me a hug and then they went back to penang….

And I cried the whole night, I just miss them. I also cannot tahan myself also, everytimes they came and I will cry the whole night when they went back. Although we just spent 3 hours, but it is enough for me to cry whole night, I love them, I miss them and my eyes like god fish now…

So the chronology of my weekend is Tulan → Happy → Sad → Miss them :)

By the way, I love my weekend. How about you?

This is my lovely family, from left, sin ling, mummy, brother and sister... :) big muakz to you all

Friday, December 08, 2006

A quickie weekend...

Hallo everyone, I just finished my last midterm paper today. Yeah, the essay that I wrote for today exam was “vermicomposting”. Do you have any idea about it?

Let me tell you...... *drumroll*

But I just lazy to stretch my brain already so just see the following link ok?


Tomorrow is Saturday, my favorite day of the week.

Today, my best friend, Mei How called me and catch up with me! Very happy now, my first wife you knows? She is cute, sweet and understanding, feel very comfortable after pouring out everything to her. I can’t wait to see her and soo zhen (mistress) in January :)

This Sunday, my family is going to come sp and find me! Aiya, I am so eager to see them, almost 2 months I didn’t get to see my family already. They are going to bring me out for dinner, definitely will be delicious and good food. I miss my mom, bro, sis in law, sis and definitely my dad…. *kiss kiss*

Tomorrow, my place here has pc fair, I hope I can hunt for a cheaper digital camera, but I think the chances are very low. Nevermind, I will wait for my mother and brother to buy for me.

I have registered for the PPP (Paid per Post), but not accepted because I didn’t blog for the whole month of October. What to do, my hostel don’t have internet. @#$%^&&*!@ So I have to wait until January in order to fulfill the requirement which is 3 months continuous blogging then only can qualify. Ish ish ish, aiyo sakit hati.

Hey people, I tell you what, enjoy your weekend to the max because still got 2 more days then weekday start again, ok?

Adios, chaoz… :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rescue me.....

Tomorrow another midterm test, which is “Current Issues for Biotechnology”.

I don’t like it because we have to write one essay and each carries 50 marks.

HALLO, seem like impossible to reach 50 points in one essay.

Rescue me….. :'(

You know Hoodwinked.....?

Today, my 4.30pm Animal Behavior class was cancelled. Yeah… Err… Um… not used to it because too free already. Hehe so my brother and I decided to watch DVD in our house. Although I am going to turn 21 years old in 2 months time but still can’t hide my childishness, so my brother forced to watch cartoon with me.

What cartoon is that?

Happy feet?

Flashed away?

No no…..

And it is….



It is a cartoon played during 2005. It is plainly about the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but then it is so hilarious, it is totally different from the original story. As usual the Red arrived at her grandma house with a basket of goodies only to find the wolf in Granny’s bed and disguised in her clothing. As the wolf jumped up to attack Red, a tied up Granny jumped out of the closet and the axe man came barging in to save the day.

When the police arrived on the scene, the line of questioning moves to information related to a mysterious string of goodie and recipe thefts that have been occurring all over the woods. It is involved 4 suspects in this movie, the gal herself, the grandma, the wolf and the axe man. The charges are many: breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, intent to eat, and wielding an axe without a license. So the frog investigator, Mr. Flipper is going to investigate and find out the truth. As he questions each of the suspects, the events are shown in a whole new light, and a larger picture unfolds.

Then I accidentally SLEPT OFF due to the tiredness of my day…. :p

Don’t misunderstand, it is not a boring movie, just I am too sleepy. Want to know more about the movie? Go and but the DVD and watch it or just let me finish the movie first then I tell you *bluek*.

Red - As usual look like the original story.

Modern Sport Grandma - Totally difference from the original. I love her.

Innocent Wolf - He looks like hamsap wolf than a reportor :)

Axe man - No comment, kinda stupid and dumb dumb in the movie.

Mr. Flipper - The frog investigator, siao siao one...

Deer Deer - The funniest character in this movie, like to sing song while talking, I muakzz you, i really crazy about this deer deer.. :)

Poster of the Hoodwinked

p/s: I hope you enjoy the movie and have a nice day…. :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Highlight of the day…..

Tummy bloated,
“Aunty” visit,
Bye bye pad pad,
Flashed away,
Wah relax….. :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pear, bear, rear, wear...?

Today, my brother came back from ipoh, no more fever, no sore throat, no chest infection, no bruise but hand still a bit of shaking, so tomorrow he is only able read the protocol for me and I will run the experiment. Hehehe…

I am glad that he is healthy, I am happy that he came back so I won’t be so boring, at least he can talk 3 talk 4 with me! Hehe, we exchanged our reports, I copied the lecture notes for him, I recorded the lecture, I take care of him and his car when he sick, helped him to put his bed sheet, thrown the rubbish, fetched him from bus stop and etc.

So, he treat me a nice one, herbal tea, fish porridges, a huge yellow pear and a honey sweet. Get well soon, my so called brad pitt brother :p

By the way, I love the pear most….

Why? Because….

Upside down the pear and it....

Hehe, i love pear, amazing fruit too... :)