Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is love?

I still couldn't figure out the word 'love' after 23 years of my life.

I might be having tons of loves from my family and friends, but it is definitely not from the lover.

For those who knew me well, I am an emotional and sentimental person who looking for long lasting relationship, but the luck is not always by my side.

In fact a few friends of mine are having the intention to become a lesbian after several broken relationships, and because of that, I realized that love can be such a powerful weapon that turn a normal person into an abnormal one.

Sometimes, you thought things might be worked out fine between you and him after several outings, but unexpected endings tend to be happened. The sparks between you and him will just eventually disappeared due to some unknown reasons.

Physical appearance plays an importance role in attracting opposite gender, true? How about inner beauty?

Last time, I thought inner beauty is the first criteria that many guys are looking for, but many cases have proved me wrong.

Girls with awesome makeup, well dresses, bad attitudes and lack of tidiness, will always surrounded by a sea of admirers. Whereas girl with average looking and good attitudes, will always end up being alone. I guess i am falling into the second category.

The words 'divorce' and 'breakup' have been used frequently nowadays compared to the olden days. Maybe the perception has changed from one generation to another generation, i still remember that our parents are deeply in love with each other no matter how poor, ugly and sick they are, and this is the exact feeling and relationship that i am looking for.

Well, this is just my opinion, guys might not be agreed with it :)

Maybe i shall start putting makeup and learn how to flirt with guys :p

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No comment...

My sister told me that:

'if a guy didn't ask for your phone number during the first meeting/outing, which mean he is not interested in you.'

Eh? Do you believe it?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What a life.....

Sometimes, it is not easy to impress and satisfy the needs of my supervisor, no doubt, he is a good lecturer, but no matter how good you are, he will definitely find a way to shoot you down during the presentation.

To be honest, I am still very upset with the comments that he gave it to me during my poster presentation, it has indirectly pulled down my overall marks for the final.

My poster has been voted for the best poster of the day, just because i couldn't answer a single question that raised by him, then it lead me to a low mark (70%), wtf...

None of the lecturers have doubts about my presentation, but my own supervisor is the one who asking me the question, which is out of scope, wtf...

Sometimes i feel that it is very unfair during the presentation, that some people tend to get some easy questions, while i have to answer all the difficult ones.

I mean the lecturer should standardize the quality of questions, each student should answers the same range or category of questions.

OK honestly speaking, i just barely made it through the first class category during my first semester, but it doesn't mean that all the difficult questions should be answered by me, if i couldn't answered it, then the lecturer will minus my overall mark, wtf...

Throw me some easy questions, i am very sure that i will answer it perfectly.
Example (one of my classmate got this question): how's the nitrogen formed? through lightning (wtf, bonus question)...

I have no idea why he has to be so strict towards me compared to my working partner, while my working partner didn't really take his project seriously.

There is no communication barrier between my supervisor and I, we are able to communicate well and sort things out, but he just doesn't seem to be impressed by me no matter how hard i tried.

I am tired and I need to rant it out somehow, but i will still try my best to complete my master studies as soon as possible, i know i can do it...

p/s: Hopefully i can score well for the other subjects, at least it can covers up the bad ones, i really need ton of lucks right now...