Monday, September 11, 2006

Kuala Kangsar and Taiping Trip...

Countdown: 6

Today I went to Kuala Kangsar (Perak Di-Raja) to see a very famous Chinese Si Fu (doctor) with my mom, aunt and uncle. It is better to have a medical check up before I go back to SP, just for prevention of fever, heaty of my body and etc. The great news is I am healthy and I am safe from any illness! But I am so scared when the moment he asked me to show my tongue; I thought I surely suffer from any organ diseases, but NO. Thank god… But there is one thing I want to complain about it, is the food in Kuala Kangsar is not tasty and not much Chinese Restaurants except mamak everywhere. Other than that, the Chinese Si Fu is great and I respect him very much! He just listened to your pulse and notified your sickness. Based on your sickness, he will be issued some medication for you. All those medicines are from local and China. Surprisingly, it is inexpensive. Hey guys don’t worry, he is not a liar, my relatives and my family even those people come from places are searching for him because it really works! Whoever interested, I can introduce to you, just let me know, it really work out fine!

Today I drove throughout the journey, oh so impressive (self-praise), my mom, aunt and uncle claimed that they haven’t been to Taiping since 15 years ago, so I do them a favor (good gal) by fetching them around the Taiping town. I successfully reached the “Zoo Taiping and Night Safari”. It is totally different from Zoo Taiping that I went when I was in primary school with daddy. There is a slightly improvement in the zoo, quite exciting; I am very eager to enter to the zoo. Although it was a bit stink, but there were various kind of huge and small animals and I like it very much. Two kind animals which I don’t like and there are python and crocodiles. I totally have no idea how the Steven Irwin handled this two creatures. They freaked me out. Too bad I didn’t bring the digital camera so can’t take photo. When we have walked almost ¾ of the zoo, it started to rain heavily and we forced to stop at the rest house for almost 20 to 30 minutes, I asked my mom: “mom, do u think we need to overnight with those animals in the zoo if it continue rain heavily?” I know is a silly question but just wonder about it. We left Zoo Taiping at 4.30pm and it is raining along the way back to Penang so I have to keep my eyes open widely, reach home safely at 5.50pm.

Although it is a short trip and raining season, but today, it is an unforgettable and remarkable day for me. It brought up my child memories, have an enjoyable and nice family trip with my mom, aunt and uncle. That’s what I known as “home sweet home”.

New Zoo Taiping map that I went today and it rained.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Countdown start from Day number 7, I have to go back to SP in a week time! I don’t want to go back, mummy! Being lazy for three weeks holiday, I didn’t get to work, only eat, sleep, play, chat, shop, housework, and watch TV. I guess I gain weight in few days time. Never mind, I will eventually lose my weight when I go back to SP due to some unappealing food and irregular meals in SP.

In this one month holiday, I really have a great time and “mom and daughter” relationship, as she try her best to fulfill my wish and done everything for me! Sometimes, we have a pillow talk until 3 to 4am in the morning , she will have a panda eyes in the next day, we brought up some old sweet memories, her happiness with my dad, sibling, grandparents and etc. She taught me a lot about some principles of being a responsible student, good friend, sister, wife, and even in law. Yesterday night, she told me one thing that I even don’t know, she feels unused to sleep alone when I go back to SP, and I guess she quietly shed her tears when I leave Penang. Oh.....Sorry mom for making you cried, and I love you all the time, muakz….. (a big big hug for you , mom)

It is so sickening and frustrating when this issue (Back to SP) brings into my mind, have to face the stressful new semester, which is 6 subjects, reports, and last semester’s results! I really hope that I can have a good result so that I won’t be disappointing my family; they really have a very high hope on me simultaneously I don’t want to waste my time on repeating papers also! Therefore, I really need to work hard on it. But at the same time, I definitely will enjoy my study life with my university gang too in order to distress! In line with a proverb “Peace and Happiness makes plenty, make happy those who are near and those who are far will come”. Friends, be happy and PEACE (^_^) v , I’M LOVING IT.

p/s : Pray for me and wish me luck for the upcoming new semester, results and i miss my dad too. May my dad rest in peace... sob sob

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hard To Maintain A 10 years Car...

Few days before, me and my mom had sent my little car ‘Kancil’ to service. It is a 10 years third hand car, from bro to sis and finally to me, so I can use/abuse it in SP! My number plate is ACR **** so you can imagine how old my car is! The mechanic had spent almost a day to finish service my car! While he gave us the bill, my mom and I nearly fainted! Every time, my family sent our car to this mechanic, so we have a strong confidence in him that he wont over charge us! When I see the price, I realized that it is very hard to maintain a 10 years car (speechless)! Friends, think carefully and wisely before we owe a car! From that day onwards, I promised my mom that I will take good care of my little Kancil *Muakz….kiss my car*!

Below is the “list of ORGANS” that changed in my car:

1 Set of Rear Wheel Brake Lining = RM 48.00

2 Pieces of Rear Wheel Brake Pump = RM 130.00

Brake Oil Renew = RM 12.00

1 Piece of Clutch Pedal Pad = RM 6.00

1 Piece of Steering Column Top Cover = RM 65.00

1 Piece of Steering Column Bottom Cover = RM 75.00

2 Pieces of Bridgestone Tyres = RM 200.00

1 Tin of Radiator Coolant = RM 25.00

1 Piece of Oil Filter = RM 12.00

1 Piece of Oil Nut Washer = RM 2.00

1 Piece of Air Filter = RM 26.00

3 Pieces of N.G.K. Plug = RM 18.00

1 Piece of Timing Belt = RM 138.00

1 Piece of Timing Bearing = RM 58.00

2 Piece of Timing Oil Seal = RM 30.00

1 Piece of Fan Belt = RM 15.00

1 Piece of Air Cond Belt = RM 14.00

1 Piece of Water Pump Japan = RM 95.00

1 Set of Front Wheel Dis Brake Pad = RM 48.00

1 Piece of Small o-ring = RM 3.00

Workmanship = RM 260.00

Total = RM1280.00

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Wish To Be The Karaoke Boss...

Yesterday night, I went to the famous karaoke centre, Red Box with my sis. I didn’t get to go there for almost a year and yesterday my sis has fulfilled my wish! I like to be home because my family tends to fulfill my need in term of foods, clothes, diary uses, financials and the most important is home sweet home (the only place where I can found comfort, relaxation, mom, dad, bro and sis)! I have been at home for almost 2 weeks holiday and I eat whatever I want, go wherever I want and I think I acted like a “little princess” in my house as I am the youngest! Hehe :P

Back to the karaoke topic, I sang continuous 6 hours in the Red Box from 6pm till 12am with my sis accompanied. I broke my old record which is 4 hours! Ya it sound impossible for two gals to sing continuous 6 hours but is true! What to do, the WEE family like to sing! Honestly, I have no idea how many songs I sang already! Hehe, it is very expensive and it cost RM92 for two persons! However, I am managed to negotiate with my sis, and unexpectedly I only paid for RM 20 for the whole night! Hehe, thank sis, but I have to pay back her by helping her to type her company’s report, which is as thick as the hill! Supposedly, we should sing until 3am, but due to both of us are too “Cinderelly” in my palace, so we have to get back before 12am.

Besides singing, the RM 92 is included the buffet dinner! Wooo, it looked like a food heaven to me! Red Box has provided seafood, chicken, beef, pork, “lala”, “tau fu”, fish, soups, prawn, vegetable, fried rice, fried mee, sausage, hams, nuggets, bacons, 5 types of jelly, various type of cakes, different types of fruits, salads, ice creams, drinks, deserts and etc. I guess I ate more than RM 20 and it helps me to put on weight until my sis also afraid of me. Sorry to the waiter too, he / she have to clean so many plates in my karaoke room!

In first half section, we sang the latest songs / hit chart, I didn’t get to sing much because I not really familiar with those Chinese songs as I am not so updated in the SP, I only know how to sing the chorus section, at least I try my best! The last half section, muahaha, is time for me to show my talents, those oldies, songs that only few years ago, that I can sing very well on it and my sis was very shock that I’m still can remember all those rhymes. Frankly, I was having a wonderful moment with my sis! She is still my angel although we fought a lot last time and we tend to get along with each other very well after my dad has passed away! But no matter what, I love you sis... muakz... Thank for doing all those silly things for me :p !

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Butter Cake vs Black Forest Cake

Yesterday, 2nd of September, I met my best friends / my wife (Mei How) in Coffee Bean, Gurney Plaza. Oh, it has been such a long time I didn’t get to meet her since early of this year! Unfortunately, she leaves Penang today to continue her second semester in Monash University. Yesterday we had wonderful moment in time! We spent almost 3 hours in Coffee Bean to keep each other update, discuss about studies, relationships, friendships, housemates and etc. Although we are far apart after I leave for University in 2005, but after such a long time, we still have the bonding or should I said the connection, she certainly will know what my next sentence is. I feel happy and warm to see her as she is getting thinner, prettier and adorable! No doubt, I would like to see Soo Zhen (my second wife) too, however she is in Aussie now! I didn’t get to meet both of them frequently because my time tables are totally dissimilar with them! My university is too unique :p therefore, we use to sms or call each other once we are free. Angels, thank for leaving your footprints in my life.

Mei How the Wife and Sin Ling the husband

Yesterday, Mei How treat me my favorites Ice Blended Mocha and Black Forest Cake and it is extremely expensive as what she promised during out last outing! Undeniably, I will be the next person who treats her big one! Hey Soo Zhen come back early, you still owe me lunch! Hehe, talking about cake, it makes me reflect on my “Butter Cake” which baked on 30th of August. It is not for the celebration of Malaysia Independent day, it is for someone special and important in my life and definitely for my best friend, Yen Chiew too. And I think the cake is pretty tasty because my sis finally took a few slices to eat as she is fairly fussy on food and deserts! As well as my cake is finished within two days without my notice and I guess I only ate a few slices only, sad case!

Below are the ingredients for “My Butter Cake”:

1. Flour from a shop called “Sayang” in SP.

2. 6 (B size) eggs.

3. Butter (Buttercup brand)

Standard Procedure:
  1. All the eggs are placed in the mixer and blended it until it raise.
  2. The butter need to melt it into the liquid form by putting it in the pot and heat it slowly.
  3. The oil is added into the mixer and blended it.
  4. The flour is added into the mixer to blend with the egg and butter.
  5. The mixture is poured into a tray and put it into the Owen for 160oC and 40 minutes.
  6. The cake is ready to serve.
  7. Please say the word: “YUMMY”. =P