Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Opinion on Bersih Rally

I might not be the rightful person to comment on our country's politics, but I think it is very important to increase the awareness of youngster, regarding to the political issues happened in their own country and making decision maturely.

Throughout this week, many people complained about the heavy traffic jam in KL and how stupid the bersih rally is, but have you ever think about it, if the government is doing a great job in the country development, there will not be any heavy traffic jams (convenience public transport) and bersih rally on the street today.

In fact, I also realised that there are bunch of people who don't even bother about the bersih issues, all they care about is shopping, watching transformer and etc. Some ignorant peoples even gave some brainless comments via tweeter and facebook. Is this how they become famous in FB simply by critizing our yellow warriors today?

In addition, our education and advertising depertment of Malaysia are totally screwed up, where people don't fully aware of the importance of voting in elections and why it makes a difference. Many people dont even bother to register as a voter, because they think that one vote wont make much of a difference, so is alright to enjoy the holiday on the day of election.

Seriously when are they going to wake up from the comfort zone? I think now is the best time for them to make some changes, go register as a voter and remember to vote. We should fight for the best and we deserve to have a responsible government.

Go for justice, FREE and ADIL, no more racism...

Cheers, this is solely based on my own opinon :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

A letter to aunty M

To my dearest aunty M, please be good to me throughout the week, because we will be seeing each other for another 30 years (hopefully).

Your existence is very important to me, you taught me not to drink icy cold water, since it might give me a tummy cramp. You taught me not to eat spicy tom yam food, the reason being that it might give me a bad tummy-ache. I have learned my lesson well, aunty M.

Sometimes I might be away from you for a year or two, but I will miss you dearly. My emotions will be affected by your absence and it will make me look old and ugly. Sorry that I might be angry at you sometimes, especially the moment when you are visiting, but you know I can’t leave without you.

If you loved me, I hope that we will be able to maintain a good relationship between you and me.

With lot of Loves,
Sin Ling :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Brand new 2010?

Brand new 2010? but it doesn't seem to be a good year for me, why?

1. My PhD position is still pending, sadly no news from the lecturer, because she is having her two months medical leave from January until February.

2. Should i go to UPM or Nottingham University for my PhD studies? I couldn't decide where to go, because both local and private universities have their own benefits and advantages. Dilemma...

3. I injured my left hand during Chinese new year celebration at Nando, Penang Queensbay. The Nando's manager offered me a glass of hot chocolate (free), just to shut my mouth. LOL

4. My car's windscreen is cracked and my insurance didn't cover the broken windscreen *cursing @#$%*&#$%*. I am staring at my empty wallet right now, please donate some money to me, no?

5. I am feeling restless, no energy and strength for everything including my proposal writing. I tried to shake shake shake, but no ohhhmm as well, how how how?

6. Jobless made me feel totally useless, i need to get a part time job, how about a part time housewife? :p

7. My housemate moved out from the house, because we graduated from our master degree. He is going to pursue his PhD studies in UPM during July intake.

8. My mummy was sick during Chinese new year, i am so worried about her.

Hopefully more good lucks will be coming right after me, especially for my PhD studies...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is love?

I still couldn't figure out the word 'love' after 23 years of my life.

I might be having tons of loves from my family and friends, but it is definitely not from the lover.

For those who knew me well, I am an emotional and sentimental person who looking for long lasting relationship, but the luck is not always by my side.

In fact a few friends of mine are having the intention to become a lesbian after several broken relationships, and because of that, I realized that love can be such a powerful weapon that turn a normal person into an abnormal one.

Sometimes, you thought things might be worked out fine between you and him after several outings, but unexpected endings tend to be happened. The sparks between you and him will just eventually disappeared due to some unknown reasons.

Physical appearance plays an importance role in attracting opposite gender, true? How about inner beauty?

Last time, I thought inner beauty is the first criteria that many guys are looking for, but many cases have proved me wrong.

Girls with awesome makeup, well dresses, bad attitudes and lack of tidiness, will always surrounded by a sea of admirers. Whereas girl with average looking and good attitudes, will always end up being alone. I guess i am falling into the second category.

The words 'divorce' and 'breakup' have been used frequently nowadays compared to the olden days. Maybe the perception has changed from one generation to another generation, i still remember that our parents are deeply in love with each other no matter how poor, ugly and sick they are, and this is the exact feeling and relationship that i am looking for.

Well, this is just my opinion, guys might not be agreed with it :)

Maybe i shall start putting makeup and learn how to flirt with guys :p

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No comment...

My sister told me that:

'if a guy didn't ask for your phone number during the first meeting/outing, which mean he is not interested in you.'

Eh? Do you believe it?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What a life.....

Sometimes, it is not easy to impress and satisfy the needs of my supervisor, no doubt, he is a good lecturer, but no matter how good you are, he will definitely find a way to shoot you down during the presentation.

To be honest, I am still very upset with the comments that he gave it to me during my poster presentation, it has indirectly pulled down my overall marks for the final.

My poster has been voted for the best poster of the day, just because i couldn't answer a single question that raised by him, then it lead me to a low mark (70%), wtf...

None of the lecturers have doubts about my presentation, but my own supervisor is the one who asking me the question, which is out of scope, wtf...

Sometimes i feel that it is very unfair during the presentation, that some people tend to get some easy questions, while i have to answer all the difficult ones.

I mean the lecturer should standardize the quality of questions, each student should answers the same range or category of questions.

OK honestly speaking, i just barely made it through the first class category during my first semester, but it doesn't mean that all the difficult questions should be answered by me, if i couldn't answered it, then the lecturer will minus my overall mark, wtf...

Throw me some easy questions, i am very sure that i will answer it perfectly.
Example (one of my classmate got this question): how's the nitrogen formed? through lightning (wtf, bonus question)...

I have no idea why he has to be so strict towards me compared to my working partner, while my working partner didn't really take his project seriously.

There is no communication barrier between my supervisor and I, we are able to communicate well and sort things out, but he just doesn't seem to be impressed by me no matter how hard i tried.

I am tired and I need to rant it out somehow, but i will still try my best to complete my master studies as soon as possible, i know i can do it...

p/s: Hopefully i can score well for the other subjects, at least it can covers up the bad ones, i really need ton of lucks right now...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Brand New Year 2009.....

Happy New Year to You, You, You and You…..

Another year has passed, yet the great memories are still remaining fresh in my mind :)

Frankly speaking, there are too many things happened in last year, from cheerful to miserable and slowly developed into a suffering one - depression, and gradually recovering from the bad one. At this moment in time, I am delighted as well as joyful again :)

Tons of mix feeling can be experienced throughout the whole year. To my surprise, I was managed to handle it well and optimistically, of course with the encouragement from my friends and family. Million thanks to those who helped me :)

Beginning of year 2008, I was suffering from my final year research project, crazily searching and reading tons of journals/articles, making efforts in modifying my protocols as well as struggling in getting a good outcome for my research project without the help of my supervisor.

Not forgetting to mention that I was twisted my wrist during my study week and hospitalized for 3 days, just to claim for the insurances. I can’t draw and write either, thank god, I was allowed to sit for my final year exam by using a computer and I did well in both, the exam as well as my research project :)

Graduation is an important step and memorable in one’s life. Shockingly, I was awarded the Outstanding Student Award by AIMST University as I have qualified for the inclusion in the Dean’s List for outstanding academic achievement in the examinations for three semesters. All the hard works are really worth it :)

I am wearing the graduation robe and the gold medal :)

Thanks mummy for supporting me always... :)

Separation from my university friends is a horrible experience; we have been together for at least 2 years, from a small group of people to a huge one, been fooling around in the lab, movie, poker, birthday, gossips, mamak and makan sections. And I am thankful that we are still keeping in touch and congratulation to some of them on getting a job.

I am pleased to announce that I have completed my bachelor degree at the Year of 2008. A question popped out in my mind: working or further my studies? And I choose to further my studies in Nottingham University and majoring in plant biotechnology.

I am truly disappointed that I can’t make it for the UK September intake due to the late released of my results transcripts. My plans have crashed into ashes, no more getting a PR and working in UK anymore. Hence, you will be seeing me rotting in Malaysia again for the next few years.

In the meanwhile, I went for an interview for the research assistant position in Nottingham University but failed. Honestly, I viewed it as a great opportunity for me to obtain my PhD within 3 years, I thought I did well in the interview; in fact we have been scheduled for the second interview, but at the end of the day…..

The lecturers have chosen a candidate who has perform the similar project as theirs and I am falling from the heaven to hell, really a huge disappointment in my entire life, probably I am just over confidence. However, I will still go for my master studies, and my classes will be starting on the 2nd of February.

I have considered myself as a lucky one, because I am able to get a job right after my graduation. Currently, I am working at a company named Info Kinetics Sdn Bhd, a company that set up primarily to serve pharmaceutical companies in planning and conducting pharmacokinetic and clinical trials as well as to provide independent analytical services as part of the drug development program.

However, this month, January will be the last month for me to work in this company before I am leaving for my master studies. It is always blissful to be working with a bunch of nice and helpful colleagues. I love spending some quality time with them in the office, hospital ward, annual event, shopping, makan and Christmas Eve event. Although it is just a short period of time, but I honestly enjoyed working over there :)

Farewell to my little kancil, and a warm welcome to my big Myvi, two months old baby *wink wink*...

Congratulation to Joe and Samantha, my sister is finally getting married, and it was a month ago. I am truly glad that the whole wedding ceremony went well, and everyone is having a great time with her during the bridal shower night. She will always be the most stunning and beautiful bride ever in my heart, I miss you, jie jie :)

Congratulation to both of you, a kiss that will last forever :)

Besides that, my sister in law is expecting a January baby girl. I just can’t wait for the arrival of the baby girl; this aunty is getting nervous, and I am going to help my brother in fixing the baby bed soon, what should I buy for her? A pair of socks? shoes? bears?

Ok, basically this is the highlights of year 2008. To 2008, I shall bid farewell and to 2009, I shall say hallo to the brand new year…..

The photo of the year, missing everyone here, Soo Zhen and Mei How :)

Furthermore, I will be start blogging again and I promise it ain’t going to be a long post next time ok?

So are you supporting me *wink wink*? :)