Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Brand new 2010?

Brand new 2010? but it doesn't seem to be a good year for me, why?

1. My PhD position is still pending, sadly no news from the lecturer, because she is having her two months medical leave from January until February.

2. Should i go to UPM or Nottingham University for my PhD studies? I couldn't decide where to go, because both local and private universities have their own benefits and advantages. Dilemma...

3. I injured my left hand during Chinese new year celebration at Nando, Penang Queensbay. The Nando's manager offered me a glass of hot chocolate (free), just to shut my mouth. LOL

4. My car's windscreen is cracked and my insurance didn't cover the broken windscreen *cursing @#$%*&#$%*. I am staring at my empty wallet right now, please donate some money to me, no?

5. I am feeling restless, no energy and strength for everything including my proposal writing. I tried to shake shake shake, but no ohhhmm as well, how how how?

6. Jobless made me feel totally useless, i need to get a part time job, how about a part time housewife? :p

7. My housemate moved out from the house, because we graduated from our master degree. He is going to pursue his PhD studies in UPM during July intake.

8. My mummy was sick during Chinese new year, i am so worried about her.

Hopefully more good lucks will be coming right after me, especially for my PhD studies...