Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Opinion on Bersih Rally

I might not be the rightful person to comment on our country's politics, but I think it is very important to increase the awareness of youngster, regarding to the political issues happened in their own country and making decision maturely.

Throughout this week, many people complained about the heavy traffic jam in KL and how stupid the bersih rally is, but have you ever think about it, if the government is doing a great job in the country development, there will not be any heavy traffic jams (convenience public transport) and bersih rally on the street today.

In fact, I also realised that there are bunch of people who don't even bother about the bersih issues, all they care about is shopping, watching transformer and etc. Some ignorant peoples even gave some brainless comments via tweeter and facebook. Is this how they become famous in FB simply by critizing our yellow warriors today?

In addition, our education and advertising depertment of Malaysia are totally screwed up, where people don't fully aware of the importance of voting in elections and why it makes a difference. Many people dont even bother to register as a voter, because they think that one vote wont make much of a difference, so is alright to enjoy the holiday on the day of election.

Seriously when are they going to wake up from the comfort zone? I think now is the best time for them to make some changes, go register as a voter and remember to vote. We should fight for the best and we deserve to have a responsible government.

Go for justice, FREE and ADIL, no more racism...

Cheers, this is solely based on my own opinon :)