Sunday, February 25, 2007

Still in the process.....

Boys and girls, I am still having fever, will you wait for me?

I need your support and love… :’(

Wait for me and I will try my best to be back in action as soon as possible ok?

Friday, February 16, 2007


I have fever and sore throat during the Valentine’s Day and even my birthday, will you still love me? :’(

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Girl's Outing...

Hallo everyone, time flies, I just got to finish my 2 weeks holiday, and now I am in Sungai Petani again. Yesterday, I went to campus and register for my new subjects in this new semester. Unfortunately, the class has started today. Um, almost everyone is still in the holiday mode, approximately 30% of them are absence. The class for this week will be rushed like mad because we need to do the replacement classes for the Chinese New Year holiday.

Although the Valentines Day is in less than 24 hours, but my heart is still very worried about my last semester’s results, results haven’t come out yet. Honestly, I am pretty nervous and tension about it. I hope that I can pass with flying colour. I think the results will be out in 1 or 2 days time if not mistaken, guy, wish me luck, ok? I need it despera 6 hours outing. Not bad, we are having a lot of fun. My girl friends were tely.

Last Friday, I am so glad that finally I have the chance to meet my girl friends, who knew each other since college. They came back for Chinese New Year holiday, and we just have a short celebrated my birthday in advance, we went to Red Box and sing karaoke. Latest songs? No, we sang:

  1. LeeAnn Rimes – How Do I Leave Without You
  2. Spice Girl – Mama
  3. Spice Girl – Let Love Lead The Way
  4. Backstreet Boys – Shape of My Heart
  5. Backstreet Boys – Drowning
  6. Celine Dion – Beauty and the Beast
  7. Westlife – I Lay My Love on You
  8. N’syn – Bye Bye Bye
  9. Some Chinese Songs
  10. and etc.

Although, most of the songs are kind of outdated but we are still very enjoyed about it. Simple, because it just brought out our sweet and young memories and we just hugged together.

My beloved girl friends, from left: Mei How, Soo Zhen and Sin Ling

Hallo, i am Sin Ling

After this, we decided to have a cup of tea at Winter Warmer. We had ordered Irish Cream Tea Latte, ice blended mocha, ice blended banana and mixed fruit waffle. Yummy, it is nice and tasty, and I am so thankful that the bonding between us is still very strong. No doubt, we just met each other for 2 to 3 times in a year after we leave the college but I still believe that fate has brought us together.

Irish Cream Tea Latte

Ice Blended Mocha *my favourite*

Ice Blended Banana, good for disgetion... :D

Mixed Fruit Waffle, look so yummy...

The two girls that i cannot forget...

After some times, I realized that we have grown up, everyone has became a mature and charming lady. No matter what, my girl friends are still a very sweet and decent girl. Frankly, I missed them…

I missed them *sob sob*

p/s: Happy Valentines Day to my beloved readers... :D , will you love me?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Farm Girl is Back In Action (Part B).....

I was:

1. Singing on top of the hill *sound of music*.

2. Kissing the grass, plants, flowers, and strawberries *muakz*.

3. Eating steamboat in a very cold weather *yum yum*.

4. Eating fried mushroom in the pasar malam.

5. Eating ice cream in the midnight.

6. Drinking fresh milk for breakfast.

7. Plucking flowers and strawberries in the farm.

8. Showering with hot water in the bathroom *bahagia*.

9. Gambling on the bed and I had loss RM30 in 3 hours time, darn bad luck *sob sob*.

10. Buying souvenirs for myself and friends *bankrupt*.

11. Hunting for the cheap and nice vegetable in the multicrops market.

12. Glad to have a tremendous trip with my family *hugz*.

4. Agro-Technology Park Mardi

Deng, where got such beautiful flowers at the roadside one?

A yard that occupied with colourful sun flower, only RM3.50 for 1 dozen... :)

My brother and my sis in law together with the golden flower, which hanging on the roof...

A bunch of red furry flowers with a pinky...

You can see a huge white colour rose in MARDI, so nice, so clean, so clear, so beautiful...

Red colour flower for sale, 1 for RM7.00...

A purple colour ball... :D

Rose, rose, i love you, do you love me?

Pink colour rose, do you love it? lovely is it?

5. Strawberry Park Resort

Strawberry Park Resort, just painted and renovated...

6. Sam Poh Temple

Can you hunt for the lion's baby, or should i say tiny tiny cub.....

Wah, temple also have such beautiful pink colour flower, why Penang temple dont have one?

See the petals, so special, is different from other flowers...

Wanna have some chinese oranges, come, you give me money and i give you one orange ok?

7. Multicrops Market.

Red red strawberries all along the way, wanna pluck for free? *bluek*

Pinky with all the yellow and white Chrysanthemums, nice right?

Wah few rolls of green lettuces, big one somemore, is hydrophonic, no chemical fertilizers...

The pinky again, so pink, so green, so nice, so pure, cant find this kind of feeling at the lowland...

8. Cactus Valley

Colourful cactus, red and yellow, but no pink... :(

9. Last stop in Cameron Highland

Fresh green lettuces, the hill so steep, but i didnt fall because i am a strong girl... :D

Can you see the transparent caterpillar, so beautiful, i wanna touch, you wanna touch it?

All my beloved reader, I bought 2 bouquets of flowers during the Cameron Highland’s trip, one is the roses and another is the sun flowers. I want to dedicate the roses to my fellow readers. On the other hand, I want to dedicate the sun flower to my beloved may jie jie. I hope she has a very wonderful memories in Malaysia, do take care in Australia and I miss you… :D

Pink, red and yellow roses for my beloved readers...

Two white Chrysanthemums and colouful sun flowers for may jie jie, i hope you like it... :)

Today is Friday, tomorrow is the weekend, no need to fight with boss already, happy or not?

Have a nice friday and weekend ya... :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Farm Girl is Back In Action (Part A).....

Ladies and gentleman, the farm girl is back in action. Last Thursday, I went to Cameron highland with my family for 3 days 2 nights trip *yeah*.

On Thursday morning, I dropped by at Gunung Lang Recreation Park in Ipoh. Not much people know about it. It only recently officially opened its door to public with boating service starting from April of 2004. The entrance fee is RM3.00 for adult and RM1.50 for senior citizens. Although the dimension of the park is only 28 hectare but the place is very windy, with nice sceneries, and definitely is a good place for bird watching, picnic and etc. Why don’t you just pay a visit?

Gunung Lang Recreation Park in Ipoh, nice scenery right? Very windy and refreshing... :)

Cameron Highland is located in the state of Pahang at 1525m above the sea level. It consists of a series of little townships which include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. The majority of its people are employed in agriculture, tourism and hospitality industry. Being a popular hill resort, Cameron Highland is well developed with visitor amenities, tourist attractions, activities and a range of accommodation for a comfortable, leisurely holiday in a cool invigorating climate. So I think Cameron Highland is a wonderful place for us to relax our mind, distress and away from the busy life *syoknya*.

During this trip, I stayed in Iris House Hotel in Brinchang. I love staying in Brinchang because it is very convenience; we can go to Tanah Rata and Tringkap just in few minutes time. RM266 for 3 days 2 nights stay, very cheap you know compare to other hotel, come and stay with me in Iris House Hotel ya... :)

It is freaking cold in Cameron Highland, 18 - 20oC in the morning and 14 - 18 oC in the night, the weather had made my skin smoother, brighter and ‘redder’ *natural facial treatment*. On Thursday night, my family and I were having steamboat for dinner at Brinchang. The food is delicious and it only cost us RM13 per person. Hey guy, search for this restaurant in Brinchang named ‘OK Tuck’, it is cheap and worth to eat. No regret. Other recommended restaurants are ‘The Oriental Restaurant’ in Tanah Rata and Pasar Malam (Friday night) in Brinchang.

During this trip, I have visited a lot of place and there are Tanah Rata, some hotels, BOH Tea Plantation, Rose Valley, Ee Feng Gu (Bee Farm) Apiary Sdn. Bhd., Kea Farm, Agro-Technology Park Mardi, Sam Poh Temple, Cactus Valley, Blue Valley and etc.

1. BOH Tea Plantation, Sungei Palas

Welcome to BOH tea plantation, want to have a cup of BOH tea with me?

The top of the hill is full with mist, the temperature is 16 oC, darn cold…

A very clear view of BOH tea plantation, so attractive, so nice secnery, so lovely, so tea, so...

A pink jacket contrast with the green green tea plant, i love it, why don't you come and experience it...

Some very beautiful trees with the BOH cafe, beautiful right?

2. Rose Valley

White colour cactus with my sister in law, the cactus look like coral right?

Rose in light golden colour, so beautiful....

Rose in orange golden colour, so elegant... :)

Huge Red Sun Flower available in Cameron Highland...

Another species of Sun Flower, pink in colour, flower in pair, valentine's day?

This pink colour flowers can use to decorate your house for Chinese New Year...

Another type of Sun flower, orange red in colour, look at the petals, so special...

I love Tomato... :D

This flower look like a blue colour ball, it is very common and you can find it anywhere and any place in Cameron Highland..

3. Ee Feng Gu (Bee Farm) Apiary Sdn. Bhd

I am the queen bee, i rulez all the hives that behind me... :p

The worker bee is collecting some nectar from the flower, work work work, so hardworking...

Can you see the container and the bees, it is the place where the honey is produced...

Honey comb, honey, honey, honey *sweet sweet*... :D

Enough for today, there will be more pictures in the following post, have a nice weekday ok? Remember, don’t fight with the boss or lecturer… :)

** To be continued.....