Thursday, November 30, 2006


My hand is painful,
My leg is hurt,
My heart is broken…..

My first time in my life…..

Today, I guess my family will be very proud of me and I think I will be very proud of myself also. It might be a normal event for you, but for me, this is my only first time and I guess I will be continued to do it after 4 months in order to satisfy myself.

Me: Hey friend, today is my first time and I feel satisfied after doing it.
Friend: Um, let me guess, u have sex with your bf ar?
Me: No la, I am not that hamsap and I am still virgin ok?
Friend: But you look very hamsap today.
Me: Niasing, since when I look hamsap @#$%^&*!@
Friend: Yesterday night surely you hurt your arm that why you put plaster today.
Me: Surely must have sex then only put plaster is it?
Friend: Yeah, SM ma.
Me: F**k you, I go for blood donation la ok?
Friend: Aiya, tell early la, sorry lo…

Early morning, I was beria-ria went to college and pass by the examination hall, there is a long queue. As usual I will be the most kepoh fella and I found out that there is a blood donation campaign. So I immediately asked my friend to donate and I expect him to reject me, but he said “go ahead”. Ohooooh, this is called sendiri pasal :’(

But today I was the first girl in my class to donate blood. Aiseh, so proud of myself. I was totally freaked out during the registration, have to test for blood pressure, blood type and body’s weight. Alright, I am healthy and the nurse asked me to lie on the bed, and scarified my left hand to her. Unfortunately, my vein is too small so she checked my right hand’s vein, small also but don’t care already la.

Surprisingly, not painful at all and I was enjoying playing the stick during the transferring blood process. Just few minutes later, I successfully filled up a pack of my precious blood which is 300cc. She took it away and I saw it, oh.. I feel so satisfied *sob sob* when I looked at it. I save a person’s life *blink blink*.

After the blood donation, the nurse gave us one mineral water, tiger biscuits, medicine (gain back my blood), milo and cakes. Fuiyo, this is my rebate. If the nurse didn’t give me all those souvenirs, I won’t asking from her also except the medicine, because I just want to save life, it might be useful for the patient who needed it or I myself will need it if I have some sickness in the future (choi, touch wood repeatedly).

When I was still alive, I just want to do a bit of charities and contribute a bit to the society. Partly, I want to go to heaven instead of hell :p . Save as many as I could. It really a good experience today and it will definitely donate my blood again if next campaign is launched.

At this moment, I am still healthy, no dizzying, no fever, but my right hand have a super duper big bruise.

Shall I play bowling tomorrow?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Li”sek” (Snake) Ong

Yippee, today just finished my last midterm paper (applied microbiology and fermentation technology), I don’t like the lecturer who teach this subject because she don’t know how to teach properly and always confused us with her Manglish, ish ish.

The worst thing is her sentences in her notes are damn long and do not have full stop one. My goodness, there are so many mistakes in her notes and I spent almost 3 days to just finished her 6 blardy damn notes. Almost 80% of the my friends in her class also don’t understand a thing in her notes, lucky we are not dumb, we are not depending on her notes, we are depending on the bloody thick textbook, that why today everyone is having panda eyes during the test @_@

When we entered the examination hall, holly shit, we spent almost a night to memorize all those hardest theories and didn’t come out at all, come out those unexpected easy question. @#$%^&*!@# Lucky, my brain still can function very well today morning, but I guess there are a lot of people are going to screw up for this paper. Pheww….

There are lot people dislikes her due to her inexperience teaching skill, humble and self-righteous, so we can hunt for a lot of humor and painting on the wall. For instance: “Lisa Ong is a Pig”. Muahaha since she like to avoid our questions, so my friend and I decided to call her Li”sek” Ong, In Cantonese “sek” (snake) means curi tulang. However, her body size is huge because she have a thick waist and I think is 40inches if not mistaken, so we also called her “Doremon” because she really look like Doremon. Sorry can't help it, She really made us farking pissed off... :p

If I fail (touch wood quickly) then I will asked my dog to bite her, wow….

Will her bf called her Li”sek” Ong or Doremon? Nah, both also can, non big deal…. :p

Sunday, November 26, 2006

"F"lu or "F"lunk in exam...?

I am having flu today and I sang a song for myself…

“ Flu flu go away, come again another day…”

Shit, next Tuesday got exam and now nose blocked like hell, waaaeerrr.. :’( God help me please….

Farking insects…

Sunday, rainy day, rained the whole evening already. I love raining, can sleep peacefully, can dream of Brad Pitt, can play and dance in the rain. *blink blink*

When I was young, I like to watch the water drop from the sky and I tend to dance in the rain like how they shown in the tv, hope to be a hair shampoo modal one day. But the blardy advertisement tend to cheat some innocent and na├»ve little girl like me :p . So at the end my dream didn’t have the chance to come true. Grrrr..farking liar liar liar director.

Back to the story, there are plenty of farking green insects come and visit my room during the raining season. What the hell, come and have gathering in my room and then all die in one shot somemore. Wai stupid insects, don’t make my room haunted ok?

The most annoying thing is the dumb insects come and bite me then die instantly on my beautiful hand. So what’s the point you come and bite me since you are going to die after the rain right? Farking dumb insects. After the insect die, it attracts a lot of ants to come and eat them. Hallo, want to die also die outside la, don’t let some innocent’s people to clean up the mess ok?

If you come again then I am going spray you with…. My perfume? Green insects, you don’t dream of la, I am going to spray you with my gas that come out from my ass, then you be fainted straightaway…. :p

Saturday, November 25, 2006


  1. I want to play bowling

I miss bowling very much, learned it when I was young and represented my club. Dad was a member of the Royal Goff Club in Ipoh, so my sis and I took the opportunity to learn and be pro, FOC somemore. Now cannot play already, because my place here is very darn expensive and another reason is I have to pay for myself! @#$%^&@ hehe so don’t want, bluek :p

  1. I miss my daddy

My dad was passed away since I am form 1, 11/1/2006 without any disease and sickness, just passed away peacefully. Last time I tend to be very close with my dad, I followed him to work (own business) during school holiday, helped him to pass the words to mom, sang song to him, made joke with him, lied on his body when he watching tv, buy presents for me, sayang me, hug and kiss me, traveled to oversea during every Chinese new years and now I miss my best friend, daddy. Hey dad, you will always in my mind, we miss u so much dad. sob sob :(

  1. I would like to have a digital camera

I wish to have a digital camera of my own, until 20 years old can’t seem to have one. I love to take pictures, flower, trees, children, myself although not pretty :p, and the most important thing is I like to take photo, no porn for young girl. I have already saved money to buy it, but when come to use it, sorry la I am just too stingy to use it, unless got people want to buy it for me. Who is it or you want to buy for me? Hehehe J

  1. I wish for a ring

I wish to receive a ring from my bf, I want to put it in my ring finger. I have a ring from myself in my middle finger. Unfortunately just can’t seem to be fixed in my ring finger. Grr, don’t get me wrong, I am not “han ka” (eager to get marry), just simply like it, trendy gua, partly want to show off that I am not available and I am not lou ku po, wahaha :p

  1. I love ice cream, stars and hotdog

At this moment, I wish to eat ice cream, hotdog and see stars. Today, going to rain so no star, so cannot dream of Cinderella story. Grr… ice cream man passed by but the ice cream man not handsome so I don’t want to buy from him, handsome only buy, not handsome then get loss. Hotdog from tesco and 4 hotdog in $3.99 and I finished it within a day. My bf has one hotdog too, hey hey hey, the real hotdog (food), not his own little hotdog oh naughty naughty :p .

Today just a short one…

Friday, November 24, 2006

TGIF = Thank God Is Friday

Today is Friday, oh finally, end of the week. Seem like can’t wait for this day. At this moment, this week has been a lousy, stressful and tougher week for this semester. The reason is I was having 3 midterm tests within a week, which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday (today). Lack of sleep, no appetite, no mood, weak digestive system, body heaty, emotional unstable due to stress, restless, etc and it has driven me crazy and nuts. Next week, still have another test is going on, and two reports need to be submitted too. Woah, I am a human, not a robot ok?

Why the silly subjects made me crazy? Because:

· Monday – Animal Behaviour subject, study about the fundamental behaviour of animal in order to understand human better in term of neuron system, physiology, anatomy, neurology and etc. Although it is only two credit hours but still, it is hard to score ma. What to do, I dream is to major in plant and medical biotechnology, so I have to study this to enhance my knowledge.

· Wednesday – Recombinant DNA technology, study about the cloning technology, bacteria transformation, search for the gene of interest, gel electrophoresis, clone for the best vector, selection of best gene for animal, plants, bacteria and etc. This subject involved a lot of practical and protocols. So in this subject, we need to design a protocol for a particular experiment and explained it based on theoretical facts. (Bluek – vomiting while writing my blog)

· Friday – Population genetics, study about the variation between the population and subpopulation, genetics and DNA polymorphism, quantitative and qualitative genetics, plot a graph for exponential and logistic growth, biostatistics applied in population, derived equations and etc. Diu… The world won’t be distinct so fast right? Females will keep on producing children and old people will tend to rest in peace when the time is reach. So, is almost the same right? The formula to count for the population growth is = (birth rate – death rate) x number of generation. There is one principle in population genetics and it called Wahlund effect, tries to read it in Cantonese, and is pronounced as “Wa Lan”, means scratching your little bro (dicky). Hehe…

· Next Tuesday – Applied microbiology and fermentation technology, study about the fermentation technology, bioreactor, how to produce maximum yield with cheap cost, how to save cost, how to improve quality and quantity, of course study about wine and beer, Enzyme kinetics, Michaelis-Menten equation and etc. I did my own apple wine successfully in the laboratory, and now under secondary fermentation, so far my apple wine contains 13% of alcohol. Hehe, who want to be my white mouse for this experiment? Wahahaha…bluek...

So, I think you know why I am going insane right? Yesterday, couldn’t manage the stress, and I cried it out loud in my room, on my bed together with my bear bears. Although my bf is just a wall away from my room, but he don’t even take the blardy afford to come and console me. Then today, I thought of relaxing and spending some times with my bf, but he went out, abandons me and left me alone in my house. I thought he know me better, because I surely will spent some times with him after I finished my exam, but everytimes he just left me alone. Sad case, no comment on him, maybe he is just not sensitive enough gua. Everytimes I can’t even have his shoulder to cry to although he is just a wall away from me. Haiiz…hence today I just entertained myself by blogging, eating kfc, watching movies, online and etc. ok, be optimistic and look at the bright side….

What a miserable week…..

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Batch, bitch, botch, butch or Biatch?

As I promised that I am going to blog a nice and sweet entry today. Unfortunately, I guess my mission is failed. Today pretty upset, fucked up, frustrated and irritated by the biatch which I mentioned yesterday (date of 15th November). On Monday, the biatch went back to her house after class and straightaway complained everything to her cousins that she is so pitiful, standing alone in front of corridor, searching for us, waiting for us, and force to find her own transport to go back home! “Oh, such a pitiful biatch, YA RIGHT pitiful my ass!”. She twisted the story and told her cousins that is our fault, blardy hell, from right to wrong. Biatch, you think I am such a dumb ass like you ah? You think I don’t know how to investigate from my friend is it? The story goes like this:

Me: Hallo friend, how are you? Today kinda upset about the biatch.
Friend: Why? What happen? Care to tell me?
Me: The biatch accused us that we dumped her in the university and nobody fetches her back. Hey friend, can I ask you one question?
Friend: Sure, no problem.
Me: Do you know how the biatch went back after class?
Friend: Oh, one girl fetched her back after class?
Me: !@#$%^&*!@#$% . I thought initial we have arranged one transport (guy) for her to go back? Why she didn’t take the transport?
Friend: Don’t know. When the guy offered her and she straightaway reject it.
Me: !@#$%^&*!@#$%. What the F**K, she doesn’t want to take the transport then put the blame on us ah?
Friend: The moment you arranged the transport for her, I am there also and I know it what.
Me: Thank you and I know how to settle the biatch now…!!!!!

The funny thing is she won’t paid me the petrol fees according to the cousin, she will only paid for my brother every week because she said she didn’t deal with me about the transportation. It is so obvious that we are carpool and I guess she proved the theory herself that “girls with big boobs are brainless”. Luckily my boobs are in normal size, so at least I have the brain to take the money from my brother (nah, middle finger).

Honestly, I hate to be in the same group with her during practical. She is short, noisy, Chan Kai Poh and big boobs. People tend to call her “small chili” due to her rude and immature bahaviour. That’s the reason why we have to study animal behaviour to understand this kind of creature.

She is so useless throughout the practical, “sin ling, you pipette the solution la, I scared and don’t want to do la.” So what the fuck are you trying to do in the biotechnology course? But never mind, although I did a lot protocols, but I truly enjoy about it because I have the opportunities to learn and use all those equipments myself.

Wahaha, my dream is going to achieve soon, I want to have a bight future and become a great biotechnologist in the world (haha dreaming :p bluek).

How about her? Hehehe as usual, a BIATCH forever…. :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The one sitting beside me is a biatch…..

Today morning, as usual I will be the driver! I fetched the girl who carpool with me and didn’t pay for the petrol fees. What to do, it is the initial deal with her, and I am truly regret to fetch her now! Back to the story, today she behaved like I owe my whole life to her like this, she don’t even talk to me and my brother a single word inside the car and classroom.

Me: Hey how are you? Did you bring your lab coat?
My brother: Oh, she don’t have practical today.
Me: Oh ya, I almost forget about it.
She: …..
(p/s: I think it is as quiet as the ants walking on the road.)

And I drove quietly throughout the journey until we reached university.

Me: Are you hungry?
She: …..
(p/s: I think the birds fly by and shit also I can listen to it.)

I poked her (tok tok) and asked,

Me: Are you ok? You looked so quiet today? Not feeling well?
She: …..
Me: Later we eat lunch and straight away go to tm point to screw people up ya!
She: ok (MCB finally, at word)

Surely you will ask me: “why I so care about her?”. No, I am not and she is just very damn, blardy and fuking annoying in the early morning 8.15am! Can you just imagine, early morning you get the work and straight away get scolded by your boss or leader. Ya, that’s the feeling!

Biatch, you think you really a princess ah? Ya yesterday, we didn’t fetch you back, so what? You want us to wait you from 12.45pm until 4.30pm is it? Don’t said we cruel ok? If you are not our friend, we wouldn’t arrange and beg transport for you to go back ok? Remember yesterday no electrical current in university, and you expect us to wait you until 4.30pm without doing anything is it?

Please la, please use your brain and think about it ok? We asked her to confirm with the lecturer whether got class or not due to no electrical current and she just sat there quietly without taking any afford or initiative to ask the lecturer. Ya I blardy annoyed but I didn’t show it off but this doesn’t mean she can climb over people head right?

By the way, you think I want to sit with her? Honestly, no, my brother does not want to sit beside her so I am the victim and I don’t care now!!!

You know what? She is still single, perhaps she might be a lou ko poh because of her rude attitudes! Lou Ko poh and biatch? Oh yeah… :P

What a lousy day…..

There are several strange and weird things happened today:

Case 1:

My regular car park in university was parked by one stupid idiot blue colour wira. What the hell, you think my kancil very lousy ah? My kancil tinned one ok? My kancil’s air cond is as strong as the tornado, can blow your ass away one ok? My kancil can drive in narrow street one like scooter one ok? My kancil can do the parking easily one ok? My kancil got mp3 player ok? Cun, yeng and geng one ok? So as a conclusion, your wira is suck, kancil rulez…..

Case 2:

Today the KL rice’s uncle (ke leng fan = Indian rice) didn’t come to university! Where is my potato mushroom and wedges? I cannot leave without you! Normally, it will be my dinner, but what the fuck, you syok syok then come syok syok then don’t want to come! Got think of people dinner one or not? Give you face then only buy your food ok? BLM lousy, no restaurant during dinner time! So, please come everyday ok?

Case 3:

Today no electrical supplies again in my university! Diu, purposely waited from12.45pm until 2.30pm then class cancel. AIMST no money to pay electrical bill ah, already increase our basic fees, somemore no money to pay ah? You sure said: ‘aiyo no need to be so angry one, increase a little bit only right?” Your head, it increased rm 650 per year! You think my mom prints money and tanam money tree one is it? Class cancel then need to do replacement somemore, time table pack like hell already, then want to take our free slot somemore. AIMST should be burned in the hell as soon as possible.

Case 4:

After class, when I was on my way back home, I saw a pretty girl, should be 6 years old. Guess what? She was acting like a mak rempit (made in Malaysia), standing on top of the bicycle. What the hell, you are a girl ok, want to be mak rempit also wait for your next life la! Later fall down then injured here and there then no guys want you then wahahha, become lou ku poh lo :P !!!!!!

Case 5:

MCB, my petrol going to finish, kancil small then so what? Drink petrol like hell. Never mind, I still very proud with my kancil (saying my car). But the people who carpool with me, haven’t paid me the money for last week! Please la, I already become your driver, and then only collect RM10 per week, didn’t charge you service fees and etc, somemore don’t know how to automatically pay me the money ah? Want me to ask you to pay is it? Lousy and useless fella….

Case 6:

Blardy Tmnet, the best broadband in Malaysia, somemore asks us to introduce people to join your broadband! My ass la, you think your lousy quality very good is it? My house internet slow like snail, I think snail also craws faster than internet la! Want to update my blog also difficult. TNS, our house suppose to have 1024kbps speed one, but the tmnet secretly reduced it to 512kbps. HALLO, WE ARE STILL PAYING RM 88 PER MONTH. You can find this word appear in their website : “tmnet streamyx brings the web's rich multimedia content to life, at speed from 512Kbps up to 2Mbps which is much faster than the ordinary Internet connection.” Fuck you la, I think the dial up also faster than us la ok? Tomorrow, my housemate and I had decided to screw the tmnet up and down, you better watch out, don’t cheat student’s money! Ask my dog to bite you then you know!!! Wow….

As a conclusion, 13/11/2006 is a lousy day…..!!!!!!!