Monday, February 28, 2011

A letter to aunty M

To my dearest aunty M, please be good to me throughout the week, because we will be seeing each other for another 30 years (hopefully).

Your existence is very important to me, you taught me not to drink icy cold water, since it might give me a tummy cramp. You taught me not to eat spicy tom yam food, the reason being that it might give me a bad tummy-ache. I have learned my lesson well, aunty M.

Sometimes I might be away from you for a year or two, but I will miss you dearly. My emotions will be affected by your absence and it will make me look old and ugly. Sorry that I might be angry at you sometimes, especially the moment when you are visiting, but you know I can’t leave without you.

If you loved me, I hope that we will be able to maintain a good relationship between you and me.

With lot of Loves,
Sin Ling :)