Wednesday, August 29, 2007

*Home Super Sweet Home*

Aloha, the awful exam marathon has formally come to an end. Insomnia sickness has slowly developed in my body all the way through the exam; I can barely get a nice and appropriate sleep due to the exam trauma and tension.

Honestly, I looked like a zombie during the exam, I can even consider myself as one of the ghosts in the hungry ghost festival, or should I said that I can even scared the ghost hell of it, yek yek yek…

Original ghost: wooo wooo wooo wooo (coming near to my bed)
Sin Ling: yes, who are you? (turning and looking back at the ghost)
Original ghost: wah never see such an ugly ghost before. (straightaway puking on the floor)
Sin Ling: why? I looked so ugly mer? =_=’
Original ghost: I thought you are another species of the ghost.
Sin Ling: @#$%&!#@$ Shut up, I come and scare you then you know.
Original ghost: Don’t come, you are zombie…
Sin Ling: booooooooo…
Original ghost: *runaway*
Sin Ling: sure win =_=v

Although the exam is extremely tough but no complaints will be made towards the subjects because the results will be determined my own future as well as prospective so I have to face it. In the sleepless nights, I was praying hard to the god for a better result and performance in the upcoming papers so I won’t have to repeat the paper. Luckily, my dreams came true *cross fingers*…

Shaking my bon bon now, shake it shake it, wanna join?

Monday (27-8-2007), it was the last day for 2nd year of Biotechnology and I am so glad that it is over. 3rd year will be the most challenging year for me; final year project and library project are killing me softly. I wish to graduate soon in order to proceed for my master studies, I am still wondering where my next station is.

Currently, I am deeply enjoying my holiday for almost 20 days. New semester will be started on the 17th of September and the nightmare begins…

20 days only, deng, no enough le wei…

On Monday night, I am officially backed home, I only need three words to describe my feeling and it is ‘home sweet home’. Yeah, I can be the little princess again, guess what, I am really glad to be home, can get a wonderful hug and a lovely kiss from mummy, can eat a lot of yummy-licious dishes, can have a shopping fever, can meet my old friends as well as god mummy and etc.

Is time to relax now, dude!

Recently, I have been developed a very serious shopping maniac and a heavy eater attitude. Guess what; I have bought a pair of shoes, a sweater, 2 perfumes and a swatch watch in less than 2 days time, and I have went to Nandos, Manilla Place, Zhonghua Seafood Restaurant, supper, McDonald, home cooked food in less than 48 hours. I even went for a movie in GSC cinema, Ratatouille.

I wish my mouse can cook for me too… :p


You want to be my mouse and cook for me?

A pair of cheap slutty white flat shoes, i heart white... :)

Tadah, first outing with my shining shoes...

50% discount for Giordano black colour sweater, do you want to hug me and keep me warm?

2 Body Shop Perfumes, what a nice fragrance, intention is to attract more guys... :)

RM270 swatch watch, oooo i heart heart heart swatch... :)

A closer view to my new watch, nice?

A piece of orange cheese cake from Manila Place, Gurney Plaza.

Chocolate Banana Split for Rm 5.20, kinda of cheap ya...

Dim Sum for lunch at Zhonghua Seafood Restaurant...

Can you see the mouth watering dishes?

I love this mouse, my favourite, i want a pet now... :(

Am i as cute as him...? :)

Ok, frankly speaking, I think my mummy is BANKRUPT

Wanna donate money for a poor soul? :p


My big butt has no market value, so you better donate some money for me… :p

This is me, Wee Sin Ling in Pink, oppssie i am so so so bloated and getting fatter... :p

Um, what should I do tomorrow...?


p/s: these two days, I have been slept for 10 to 12 hours, am I look like a cute sleeping child? Give me a good night kiss ok?