Sunday, July 29, 2007

Long Time No See…

Hi people, I just realized that the last entry of my blog was on the 27th of June, and it is kind of sad as well as depressing post in the year 2007. Losing someone who closes to me (grandpa and grandma) makes me think of my much-loved daddy *sob sob*. Because of my daddy, I have learnt to love and appreciate the people around me, mummy, family and even friends.

You might wonder why I like to spend most of the time with my family and my friends during the holiday instead of going to clubbing (and etc.); because I understand that there is no amount of money that can ever buy me the love, friendship, time and life. And these had made the Family Time = Quality Time.

Honestly, my siblings and I were kind of worried about my mummy now. 7 years ago, my family members have decided to move to Penang in turn to take care of my grandpa and grandma. Sadly, both of them are no longer continued to exist in this world, all we can do is to treasure the single precious moment with them and may they rest in peace.

After the funeral, I was extremely busy with my assignments and reports due to my final exam is approaching (13th until 27th of August), all the lecturers have tried their very best to finish all the syllabuses in time. Unfortunately, there are too many events are coming up in the university, so end up we forced to attend the class during our study week which is in the next week *ish ish*.

In the meanwhile, there are too many celebrations and activities are going on in this long semester such as animal breeding field trip, plant breeding field trip, BBQ party, birthday celebrations, movie day (I am not so outdated yet) and etc. Guys, I will upload the photos soon, please be patience and spare me some times ok *wink wink*?

Yesterday, I just realized that I have 2 weeks study weeks and I am so so so in-genius, because I thought that I only have 1 week to prepare for my final, that’s why I have been rushing my notes and studies for the past 2 weeks *deng*. What an idiotic sin ling, make myself tension and nervous only. But I am kind of satisfied with midterm test, expected results were obtained. Hopefully I can continue to maintain my standard and GCPA.

Well, there is a guy who live downstairs of my room, Jermyn Seow aka my ulti-perasan brother has got himself a blog in blogspot and he introduced me as a kah chui (big ass) sister in his blog. Ya ya, I got a big butt but doesn’t mean I am not cute right? I am staring at you, must support and agree with my statement ok *wink*?

He is a guy who talks cock number 1 and action number 9. He is very crazy about the squids (sotong), I mean the real gigantic squids that can be eaten by the human beings, and even his header of his blog is some kind of freaking sotong in camouflage. He even bought me a grow-in-the-dark sotong keychain to hang in my car. What a sotong lover.

Undoubtedly, that fella is very intelligent but lazy, always borrowed my reports, or should I said exchanged reports *blek*? We always discussed our studies the night before the actual exam in order to do the final revision, actually I must said thank you to him because he always answered my doubt. He is freaking creative and talkative too, he always cranks up some lame and stupid jokes that had brighten my day :)

In his blog, lousy jokes and fresh ideas will be coming up easily by him, can be laugh till die. That fella likes to blog things about the gossips and the governmental failure or some other stupid Malaysian behavior in his blog, but definitely he condemned it in a nice way without hurting anyone feeling.

Besides that, I really cherished to have him as a brother because he is willing to listen to my problems, lousy jokes, complains, sort of take care of me (I wonder), share his London roll biscuits, PCM (Phui Chai Mee = cup noodles), eggs, milo and etc. Actually I don’t feel like praise him too much because I know he sure will be very perasan and flied up to the sky *=_='*. So save it to myself.

He better introduce me some good guys since he knew that I am still single and available, but he still need to pay me back my money. Hehe, what are you waiting for? Just click here and let your mind be poisoned by him.

Jermyn Seow (ulti-perasan brother) and Sin Ling (Kah Chui sister)

Recently, I found out that I am kind of dull and plain in my life, studying, playing, eating, watching series all the over the time, where the heck is all my creativity goes? I hardly can crank up some stupid jokes; my university life has turned me into a big green monster. Nope, I should say it has turned me into a cute girl *wink*. Be optimistic right?

The big monster brother and the cute little sister are playing hide and seek...

Ok guys, I shall write an entry in few days later, after all you know I am a hardworking girl right *ummm*? Or I shall draw you a photo too besides that mutated chicken.

p/s: Million sorry to my beloved bloggers, I did dropped by at your blog, I did read your funny entries too, but sadly I didn’t leave you a comment because my lousy internet took me year to enter the comment box, spare me some loves ok? I hope you still remember me *sob sob*…

Hallo my name is sin ling, am i a cute girl? hehe :)

pp/ss: I will be loving you forever like how you been loving me *wink wink* …

ppp/sss: Thank you for the kind condolences.

pppp/ssss: I need the wishes and lucks terribly from you for my final exam. Will you give me some motivation to study *wink wink wink*? Come on, show me a dance to cheer me up…