Saturday, January 03, 2009

Brand New Year 2009.....

Happy New Year to You, You, You and You…..

Another year has passed, yet the great memories are still remaining fresh in my mind :)

Frankly speaking, there are too many things happened in last year, from cheerful to miserable and slowly developed into a suffering one - depression, and gradually recovering from the bad one. At this moment in time, I am delighted as well as joyful again :)

Tons of mix feeling can be experienced throughout the whole year. To my surprise, I was managed to handle it well and optimistically, of course with the encouragement from my friends and family. Million thanks to those who helped me :)

Beginning of year 2008, I was suffering from my final year research project, crazily searching and reading tons of journals/articles, making efforts in modifying my protocols as well as struggling in getting a good outcome for my research project without the help of my supervisor.

Not forgetting to mention that I was twisted my wrist during my study week and hospitalized for 3 days, just to claim for the insurances. I can’t draw and write either, thank god, I was allowed to sit for my final year exam by using a computer and I did well in both, the exam as well as my research project :)

Graduation is an important step and memorable in one’s life. Shockingly, I was awarded the Outstanding Student Award by AIMST University as I have qualified for the inclusion in the Dean’s List for outstanding academic achievement in the examinations for three semesters. All the hard works are really worth it :)

I am wearing the graduation robe and the gold medal :)

Thanks mummy for supporting me always... :)

Separation from my university friends is a horrible experience; we have been together for at least 2 years, from a small group of people to a huge one, been fooling around in the lab, movie, poker, birthday, gossips, mamak and makan sections. And I am thankful that we are still keeping in touch and congratulation to some of them on getting a job.

I am pleased to announce that I have completed my bachelor degree at the Year of 2008. A question popped out in my mind: working or further my studies? And I choose to further my studies in Nottingham University and majoring in plant biotechnology.

I am truly disappointed that I can’t make it for the UK September intake due to the late released of my results transcripts. My plans have crashed into ashes, no more getting a PR and working in UK anymore. Hence, you will be seeing me rotting in Malaysia again for the next few years.

In the meanwhile, I went for an interview for the research assistant position in Nottingham University but failed. Honestly, I viewed it as a great opportunity for me to obtain my PhD within 3 years, I thought I did well in the interview; in fact we have been scheduled for the second interview, but at the end of the day…..

The lecturers have chosen a candidate who has perform the similar project as theirs and I am falling from the heaven to hell, really a huge disappointment in my entire life, probably I am just over confidence. However, I will still go for my master studies, and my classes will be starting on the 2nd of February.

I have considered myself as a lucky one, because I am able to get a job right after my graduation. Currently, I am working at a company named Info Kinetics Sdn Bhd, a company that set up primarily to serve pharmaceutical companies in planning and conducting pharmacokinetic and clinical trials as well as to provide independent analytical services as part of the drug development program.

However, this month, January will be the last month for me to work in this company before I am leaving for my master studies. It is always blissful to be working with a bunch of nice and helpful colleagues. I love spending some quality time with them in the office, hospital ward, annual event, shopping, makan and Christmas Eve event. Although it is just a short period of time, but I honestly enjoyed working over there :)

Farewell to my little kancil, and a warm welcome to my big Myvi, two months old baby *wink wink*...

Congratulation to Joe and Samantha, my sister is finally getting married, and it was a month ago. I am truly glad that the whole wedding ceremony went well, and everyone is having a great time with her during the bridal shower night. She will always be the most stunning and beautiful bride ever in my heart, I miss you, jie jie :)

Congratulation to both of you, a kiss that will last forever :)

Besides that, my sister in law is expecting a January baby girl. I just can’t wait for the arrival of the baby girl; this aunty is getting nervous, and I am going to help my brother in fixing the baby bed soon, what should I buy for her? A pair of socks? shoes? bears?

Ok, basically this is the highlights of year 2008. To 2008, I shall bid farewell and to 2009, I shall say hallo to the brand new year…..

The photo of the year, missing everyone here, Soo Zhen and Mei How :)

Furthermore, I will be start blogging again and I promise it ain’t going to be a long post next time ok?

So are you supporting me *wink wink*? :)


day-dreamer said...

Wa wa wa wa wa... it's good to have you back! Missed you soooo much~

Happy 2009~ may the new year bring you better things! *hugs*

KimberlyMay said...

Hehe!!! sure give you support! :)

Norfazilah said...

wa ling2 u sure wana write short 1 next time is it?? can i belive it... well actually goonna miss u when ur gone (out of my sight).. but wishing u all the best in ur study n dont ever ever forget me ever!!... btw, dont forget to become trippleSin... hak3 u noe what i mean ya... be happy forever my dear... i'll always b there 4 u when u needed me!!
loves u...muax..